NPS 100C-21

The only wind turbine for the harshest weather conditions

The NPS 100C-21 is Britain’s leading 100kW wind turbine for high wind regimes and the only one backed by the 10-Year Performance Guarantee. Engineered to survive in extreme winds, the NPS 100C-21 has a flawless track record of durability, from the Highlands of Scotland to the tropical cyclones of the Caribbean.

  • High annual energy production (AEP)
  • Low ownership costs
  • Proven performance in severe weather conditions

NPS 100C

High wind market leader
The NPS 100C-21 has exceptional performance in high wind regimes generating best-in-class AEP. Maximise your income potential by using the largest allowed wind turbine (100 kW) within the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) bringing highest possible IRR of any Class II wind turbine.

Low ownership cost and long term reliability
With low ownership costs over the lifetime of the turbine, the NPS 100C-21 pays for itself quickly. It is designed and built to withstand the same weather conditions as the ‘Hurricane Resistant’ NPS 100B-21 and can handle gusts of up to 59.5 m/s (133 mph).

10-year Performance Guarantee Programme (PGP)
The 10-year PGP is Britain’s longest performance guarantee for small wind turbines. It covers 10 years of operation and maintenance costs, including parts, labour and expenses for the best-in-class NPS 100C-21. This is the only such guarantee offered by a small wind turbine manufacturer in the United Kingdom. With the 10-year PGP, Northern Power Systems is financially invested the success of your wind turbine.

Industry leading technology
With over 6 million hours of cumulative run time, the NPS 100 is one of the most reliable and proven wind turbines in the world. The average availability of Northern Power’s global fleet currently stands at 99.5%. This is made possible by our permanent magnet direct drive (PMDD) technology and class-leading 21m blade with superior aerodynamics.

Download the NPS 100C-21 brochure and specifications

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