10-year Performance Guarantee

Protecting your investment for a decade

The 10-year Performance Guarantee Programme (PGP) covers 10 years of operation and maintenance costs, including parts, labour and expenses for the best-in-class NPS 100 and NPS 60. This is the only such guarantee offered by a small wind turbine manufacturer in Britain.

10ypw logo blue ntThe annual cost of the PGP is based on the energy production of the NPS 100 and the NPS 60. This is backed by an availability guarantee and performance to power curve guarantee.

During the programme NPS will be the sole service provider. This gives peace of mind that the wind turbine will produce maximum energy and return on investment while offering the lowest total cost of ownership for the turbine’s 20+ year life.

With the 10-year Performance Guarantee Programme, Northern Power Systems is financially invested in the success of your wind turbine.

How it works

  • Covers 10-years of operating, maintenance, and service – including parts, labour, and expenses
  • Costs based on the wind turbine’s annual energy production
  • Availability guarantee at 95%
  • Power curve guarantee at 95%
  • NPS will be the sole service provider for the 10-year duration
  • Rates adjusted at specified times during programme – Years 1-2, Years 3-5, Years 6-10
  • Sites must meet screening criteria to qualify for the PGP and appropriate siting (per the application requirements)

Acts of nature or other site issues not related to NPS equipment do not apply

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