Wind solutions for the UK

NPS 100C-24 – Britain’s leading 100kW wind turbine

nps-100c-24Investing in the NPS 100C-24 allows you to maximise the UK’s Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) using the largest allowed turbine (100kW) within the tariff band. The NPS 100C-24 has the highest Annual Energy Production (AEP) and highest IRR returns on investment in its class. Coupled with its low ownership costs, the NPS 100C-24 pays for itself quickly and will generate a healthy income stream over its 20+ year life.

NPS 100C-21 – Class II turbine for high wind regimes

nps-100c-21As the UK’s leading 100 kW Class II wind turbine, the NPS 100C-21 is optimised to generate the highest output in moderate to extreme winds speeds. Engineered to survive in extreme winds, the NPS 100C-21 has a flawless track record of durability, from the Highlands of Scotland to the tropical cyclones of the Caribbean.


NPS 60-24 – Europe’s best selling 60 kW wind turbine

nps-60-24Europe’s best selling 60kW wind turbine was designed for situations where grid capacities require a lower kW machine. The NPS 60-24 features state-of-the-art hub and blade technology with superior aerodynamics that provide a larger swept area, maximising AEP in all wind regimes.


10-year Performance Guarantee Programme

Our 10-Year Performance Guarantee Programme is Britain’s longest performance guarantee for small wind turbines. It covers 10 years of operation and maintenance costs, including parts, labour and expenses for the best-in-class NPS 100C-24 and NPS 60-24. This is the only such guarantee offered by a small wind turbine manufacturer in the UK. With our 10-Year Performance Guarantee Programme, Northern Power Systems is financially invested in your wind turbine’s success.

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