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Lanark Auction Market Takes Control of Energy Costs, Hosts Open Turbine Day

Northern Power Systems co-hosts event with Lanark Auction Market, offering businesses a unique opportunity to see the benefits of wind power up close

lanark auction market

Northern Power Systems, a next generation renewable energy technology company, with over 600 installed turbines globally is delighted to invite businesses to attend its Wind Turbine Open Day at Lanark Auction Market on Tuesday 16th May with information sessions running from 10.00-4.00.

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With energy prices expected to rise 40% by 2025, power costs from wind at grid parity today, improved wind turbine efficiency and declining installation costs, the Open Day will offer an opportunity for businesses to learn more about how Lanark Auction Market is harnessing the wind to take control of their energy future, reduce costs and improve their bottom line.

The NPS 100 turbine at Lanark Auction Market was installed to support the company’s business goal of securing a reliable, lower-cost energy supply.

“The reliable supply of cost-effective energy from the NPS wind turbine is good for business and coupled with environmental benefits it’s a power solution that makes sense,” said Hamish McCall, Lanark Auction Market’s Managing Director

Lanark Auction Market is a vibrant example of business success and community involvement. Major agricultural markets are held twice weekly at Lanark Auction Market. The site also features an agricultural centre which serves as a community hub with a variety of event spaces including meeting rooms, a large concourse for parties and receptions and a general-purpose hall which hosts trade shows. With so many people and activities dependent upon problem-free functioning of Lanark Auction Market, it was essential for the operators to have a steady, efficient and cost-effective power supply.

“Business owners have to contend with ever-changing circumstances and market volatility,” said Hamish McCall. “Reliable, low-maintenance wind turbines can take unpredictability out of energy costs and help increase profitability.”

The Market’s operators became convinced that the NPS turbine’s compact form and a height of 37m made it a more community-friendly option than the wind turbines that have previously dominated installations in Scotland. Lanark Auction Market saw another advantage of the NPS 100: its patented Permanent Magnetic Direct Drive instead of a traditional gear box. Gearboxes are often points of breakdown and increased maintenance costs.

“More and more people demand that businesses be environmentally friendly and sustainable throughout the supply chain. We’re proud to be part of Scotland’s journey toward decarbonised energy. Our wind turbine contributes to a reduction of carbon emissions from agriculture and food production and has negligible impact on the surrounding area. Users of our Market facilities can be assured that they are participating in a business that cares for the Scottish environment” said Hamish McCall.

One of the main benefits of the NPS 100 turbine for Lanark Auction Market is producing power on-site rather than importing it from the grid. Around 80% of the power generated is used on-site with the rest sold into the electricity grid.

Throughout the day, guests will take a guided tour of the NPS 100 wind turbine in operation, speak to representatives from Northern Power Systems and talk to the team at Lanark Auction Market about their experience with installing and owning a wind turbine.

Attendees are encouraged to register for the event. Contact or via 07761 061422




Location: Lanark, Clyde Valley, Scotland

Project: Agricultural center, livestock market and offices

Model: NPS 100-21, 37 metre tower

Average wind speed: 6.25 m/s

Annual Energy Production: 192,000 kWh

Use of Energy: 80% of energy is consumed on site


Northern Power Systems designs, manufactures, and sells distributed power generation and energy storage solutions with its advanced wind turbines, inverters, controls, and integration services. With over 14 million run time hours across its global fleet, Northern Power wind turbines provide customers with clean, cost effective, reliable renewable energy. NPS turbines utilize patented permanent magnet direct drive (PMDD) technology, which uses fewer moving parts, delivers higher energy capture, and provides increased reliability due to reduced maintenance and downtime. Northern Power also develops Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) based on the FlexPhase™ power converter platform, which uses patented converter architecture and advanced controls technology for advanced grid support and generation applications.

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